Being Oh So Bold is about saying NO to another $0 month and YES to creating consistent profits in your DREAM business.

Welcome to Oh So Bold! I’m Quiana Murray a Business Profit Consultant and I work with ahhhhmazing women like you.

The problem is you’re not making enough money to really enjoy running your business. In fact, you’re beginning to wonder if it’s even possible to really make a good living in your business.

It is possible with my fun and totally doable plan designed to help you finally increase your business profits, quit that spirit-sucking job, and have more fun (and money) than you ever thought possible.


Through step-by-step consulting Oh So Bold graduates have done remarkable and bold things like:

  • Start a new business and be wildly profitable (in just 3 months) even as a full time working Mom of 4
  • Be so profitable in just 6 months (of launching your business) as a travel agent and blogger you can go part-time on your day job
  • Take the plunge and mesh oil painting and maternity coaching into a booming (and yes, money-making) business
  • Make enough money in your business to take 2 years off from work to be home and travel full time with family

Through the Business Profit Blueprint women are learning how to grow bigger, bolder, more profitable businesses each day. Join other bold business women!

Now it’s your turn. It’s time for you to:

  • Play bigger – as in get your name and business on the map so people know who you are, what you can do, and how they can pay you to do it.
  • Attract way more clients – imagine a world where you are no longer chasing people and instead interested (and READY) clients come to you.
  • Know without a doubt what you do - no, I’m not talking niche here, this is where you decide what you’re going to offer people so you make more money consistently.
  • Price your products and services – no more looking at what everyone else is charging, instead you’re going to set your prices based on what’s right for you without worrying about if people can or will pay you.
  • Set up systems – now you can put your business on autopilot so you get to spend your time doing those things you actually enjoy, even as your business continues to run.
  • Stop feeling like a fake – finally know in your heart you will be successful and not worry about people doubting you, this is crucial if you’re going to not only be in business but STAY in business.
  • Make more money – no more worrying when the next payment or client will come from, now you get to know each and every month money will be in the bank…right on time!

Start building a profitable foundation for your dream biz today. Take the first step and learn how you can fund your dream business even while you’re working a day job. Sign up below, it’s free.

Ahhhh, now you can kick back, take a sip of your nonfat-with-half-shot-vanilla latte, and start thinking about all the money (and fun) you’ll have once your dream biz is consistently making you money. A business you can absolutely make a reality! Tweet this!

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